Early Season Table Grapes

Early Season Table Grapes

Ripens from Mid to Late August in climatic conditions of Central Europe.
Characterized by a high degree of natural disease resistance.
All varieties are without labrusca flavor character.

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Novy Podarok Zaporozhyu Table Grape Vine

Disease Resistant Early Season White Table Grape Vine. We supply bareroot grafted grape vines...

  • Will be delivered as: bareroot grafted grape vine
  • Parents : Podarok Zaporozhyu x Vostorg
  • Ripens : 1.-15. August
  • Shoot vigour: medium
  • Cluster weight: 800-1200 g
  • Berry weight: 8-12 g
  • Taste: harmonious, good balance between sweet and sour
  • Cropping: heavy, we recommend cluster thinning to prevent overcropping
  • Flesh consistency : meaty
  • Cold Hardiness: -25°С
  • Resistance to diseases : 7 Point