About Our Grapevine Collection

We offer grafted bareroot grapevines of disease resistant and cold-hardy varieties of Russian and Ukrainian origin. These varieties are recommended for grape production under either minimal spray or potentially with organic management systems. Several hundred wine and table grape varieties have been developed by the Russians and Ukrainians breeding institutes and private efforts of some breeders in last 80 years. Through constant contact and cooperation with private breeding programs, we bring you the newest releases, and are currently evaluating new selections for hobby and commercial purpose in the future.

Interspecific hybridization

Hybrid grapes are grape varieties that are the product of a crossing of two or more Vitis species. Hybrid grapes are also referred to as inter-specific crossings. The old hybrid varieties exhibit a mix of traits from their European, Asiatic, and North American parentage. Those varieties which derive from Vitis labrusca parentage have a strong wild strawberry aroma, while those that derive from Vitis riparia often have a herbaceous nose with flavours reminiscent of black currants.

Utilization of local genetic resources

During the first half of the 20th century several Russians and Ukrainians breeding programs focus exclusively on hybrid grapes, having created hundreds new cultivars.
In their crosses were used mainly European and Asian (Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan) grape varieties and wild Vitis amurensis. The goal of these crosses was to combine grape or wine quality with disease resistance and cold hardiness.
These non-labrusca-based hybrid grape varieties were introduced as a solution to many of the viticultural problems of shorter season, cooler and more humid wine regions, such as those in the continental area of Russia. Hybrid grapes are expanding in these wine regions, because they can be easier to grow and can ripen earlier than vinifera grape vines, and because they typically have much more disease resistance. Therefore, these hybrid grapes are considered a ecological alternative to vinifera grapes. The recently developed varieties in our offer are examples of these newer hybrids.