Out Of Stock Risus Wine Grape Vine Disease resistant Wine Grape Vines

Disease Resistant White Wine Grape Vine.
This wine grape variety is possible grow without chemical treatment. This is proven by several years of testing in our amphelographic vineyard.
We supply bareroot grafted grape vines.

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Risus Wine Grape Vine

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  • Breeder: AMPELOS, Ukraine
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Will be delivered as: bareroot grafted grape vine
  • Parents : Riesling x Roucaneuf (SV 12-309)
  • Flowers : hermaphroditic
  • Ripens : 1.-15. October
  • Shoot vigour: strong
  • Cluster weight: 100-200 g
  • Berry weight: 1-2 g
  • Taste: harmonious, good balance between sweet and sour
  • Cropping: heavy, we recommend cluster thinning to prevent overcropping
  • Flesh consistency : juicy
  • Sugar content: 24-25 kg/100kg grapes. Due to its ability to concentrate sugar, this variety is predestined for the production of natural sweet aromatic wines.
  • Cold Hardiness: -25°С
  • Resistance to diseases : 7-9 Point
  • 4.00€